The ABRA is governed by a Board of Directors, nominated and elected by the membership. Although the registry is called American Buckskin, it is a world-wide registry with horses registered in many foreign countries.

Bev McCollum 
Term expires 2018

Patty Maxwell
Moscow, IA
Term expires 2017
Executive Secretary
Jo Long
(918) 936-4707
Fax: 918-364-9960

Darrin Fultz
Prescott, KS
Term Expires 2018

Gena Loper
Post Falls, ID
Term expires 2018
V. June Collins of Yreka, California, wrote about the ABRA insignia. She had designed it in 1967, incorporating the original horse’s head then used at the start of the registry in 1963. It was voted by the board, and accepted as their logo that same year.   The insignia was retired in 2017.
The Buckskin, Grulla, and Red Dun takes it’s deserving place in horsedom, wearing it’s crown in regal pride. Shown in a hard luck horseshoe denoting the struggle for survival the breed has endured through neglect, and abuse, yet regularly producing it’s own color (the original color of nearly every known breed of horse today).

Held together by this strength, a golden chain, “B-U-C-K-S-K-I-N-S” of nine links, alloyed together with “G-R-U-L-L-A” and “D-U-N” to restore, nurture, treasure and become ever stronger. The banner of American Buckskins rightfully continues to fly.
Sharon Pratt
South Lyon, MI
Term Expires 2017

Tom Williams
Adrian, MO 
Term Expires 2019
Angie Reichert
Holt, FL
Term Expires 2017

Lisa Castle
Term expires 2019
Daren Wright
Chillicothe, OH
Term expires 2017

Georgi Jones
Redding,  CA
Term expires 2019
There are eleven positions on the ABRA Board of Directors.  These are alternating terms of three years each.  To qualify as a board member, one must be an ABRA member in good standing, be available for a minimum of three conference calls annually, and must attend the annual meeting.

If you wish to apply for a position on the ABRA Board, submit a printed or typewritten resume' to the ABRA office by July 1st in order to be placed on the ballot which is mailed to all ABRA members in August of each year.

Amy Cain
Claremore, OK
Term Expires 2018
Executive Committee
Bev McCollum, Patty Maxwell, Jo Long, Darrin Fultz, Tom Williams, Gena Loper

Board Members
ABRA Inc.7224 East 151st Street, Suite D        Bixby, OK  74008918-936-4707
ABRA is an AQHA Alliance Partner
the ABRA World Championship Show is approved for
AQHA Special Achievement Recognition.

July 23rd thru July 30th, 2017
Tulsa, Oklahoma